The Story Behind A View From a Window

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From seniors to stage, a funny and touching play for all ages

An experience shared by View From a Window creator Marnie Perrin’s father – feeling invisible in a crowd – was a powerful catalyst for creating her inspiring one-act, four-character narrative play coming to The ACT Arts Centre Sunday, October 13 at 3:00 pm.

Curious if her father’s experience was common to seniors, and about what it feels like for seniors to age in our fast-paced youth-centric society, Perrin organized a series of eight discussion and storytelling workshops that collected the stories and experiences of local seniors, including a 104-year-old, on audiotape.

The results of the workshops showed the opposite; seniors don’t feel invisible. Instead, they felt engaged, empowered, capable and able. Workshop participants shared that the creative discussions improved mental wellness, reduced stress, helped them gain knowledge and confidence, and encouraged feeling more socially included and community connected.

The findings of her workshops – 60 to 70 pages of written materials – were condensed into the script for the one-of-a-kind funny, light-hearted, and touching View From a Window. The play showcases the journeys and stories that make sense to each character, based directly on the words of the original workshop participants. Local dramaturg Natasha Nadir was brought on board to help the storylines and journey arch together more clearly prior to the play being toured. Presented through local seniors’ organizations in 2018, audiences acknowledged that the script showcased their lives in an honest way.

“'View from a Window’ was well done. How I identified with a number of the comments!” commented one attendee of a Douglas College performance. “Some touched me in ways that I thought I was beyond.”

The play stars Bernard Cuffling, Tom Pickett, Gina Stockdale and Yvonne Adalian. It is being presented by the Seniors Create Project in partnership with the South Granville Seniors Centre with the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, Metro Vancouver’s Regional Cultural Project Grants Program, City of Surrey Grants Program, Maple Ridge Community Action Table, and Prospera Credit Union.

Tickets are available by calling 604-476-2787 or online at

Anna Black