Leahy Returns to its Roots: This fiery family affair marks its return to BC this month


Over the course of their notable career, Canadian group Leahy has secured a place as one of the country’s most highly regarded progressive folk-roots bands.

Now, after working on several solo projects, running their own music centre, and touring with their children, Leahy returns to the stage, for the one show only in BC this season at The ACT Arts Centre on September 21 in the opening night performance kicking off the 2019-2020 ACT Presents season. The band last performed in BC with the VSO at the Orpheum in 2012.

Growing up in a house with 11 children, getting along was required, and that transferred to their musical abilities and cohesion. Their emergence on the Canadian music scene in the late 1990’s introduced audiences to a new way of accessing a uniquely Canadian music genre.

The “Leahy sound” – a combination of strong stride piano, unique bass guitar and drumming styles along with driving rhythm guitar – was the foundation from which wildly talented fiddle-led instrumentals and vocals were launched to mainstream music listeners. Leahy would go on to win three Juno awards and receive countless accolades for their dynamic and powerful performances.

Touring extensively throughout Canada, the USA and Europe in support of three acclaimed records, to date, Leahy has sold more than half a million albums worldwide. They have been featured in three PBS television specials and are the subject of an Academy Award winning documentary, The Leahys: Music Most of All.

Leahy has been back in the studio recording new music, focusing on songs, the band’s original songwriting, and instrumental compositions. The result is a wide-ranging collection that reflects the individual personalities that make up Leahy. Built on their roots and the distinctive “Leahy sound”, their new material reveals the band’s drive to continue pushing beyond its traditional footings. 

Even with new performances, somethings won’t change: the experience of a Leahy concert is unmatched in energy, rich sound, powerful songs, fiery fiddles, and percussive step-dancing.

You can get tickets by dropping by or calling at the Ticket Centre at 604-476-2787 or online at theactmapleridge.org/leahy