Throw Things and Relax. Pottery classes available for all levels

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More links are being drawn between pottery and the benefits it can have on your mental health. This fall we have additional pottery classes to introduce you to this incredible activity. Join Clive Tucker ( for Introduction to Throwing – a short course focused on skill development to get you started on the wheel. Progress onto one of the weekly courses that run for 8 weeks to expand your techniques and abilities. For those with existing skills and experience, finish off the term with Advanced Throwing which will push you to new levels.

For those with families, you can come and get messy as a group in Family Clay Play and we have pottery classes for 5-13 year olds too!

The ACT has many opportunities for you to find your happy place this fall especially with pottery classes available 4 days of the week and regular open studio sessions for those taking part in a course.

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The ACT has classes in all disciplines for all ages, from 0 upwards! Check out our website for more information and to find out more about our drop in classes like Life Drawing and Friday Night Dance.